The Future of Work - How You Can Create a Better Business

Rapid shifts in the importance of design, global demographics, technology & the co-ordination of work are driving a revolution in business. How can organisations create high levels of commitment and engagement? With employees' values shifting, how must leaders shift their thinking and behaviour? You will discover how to understand and interpret those forces and create a workplace where exceptional performance and an ideology of innovation are an everyday reality. This bespoke program will show you how to turn trends, theories and research into pragmatic solutions. Give your organisation and career a bigger stage in 2010 and beyond!

How to Think Like a Thought Leader - Standing Out in a Crowded Market

Developing thought leadership is now an essential skill for key thinkers in business. You will learn how to develop your ideas and communicate them so they are relevant, engaging and meaningful. The program covers how to unpack intellectual property, align uniqueness with expertise and stand out in a crowded market.

Strategic Possibility: Setting Outcomes to Achieve Exceptional Performance

The vision we have our business and ourselves in the future can be quite limited and ordinary. How do we learn to navigate without street signs on the current global stage? Expand the landscape of what you imagine is possible and learn the tools needed to create business unusual.

Leading at the Edge: Unconventional Thinking, Extra-ordinary Results

We live in a time of great paradox, leaders want more from their people and people want more from their leaders. Cut through the fads, theories and hype about leadership and discover the essence of inspiring others to achieve extra-ordinary results.

Out-imagine the Competition: Developing Innovation & Creativity

It isn’t enough to outperform anymore, we need to out-imagine the competition. To do that we need to change the way we think. Explore how to make creativity, ideas and innovative part of everyday thinking. You’ll discover ways to be bespoke, bohemian and inspired!

How to Create Exceptional Relationships in Business & Life

Success and meaning in life are derived in large part from the quality of our relationships. In work and life, conflict, negativity and differing ideas can cause our relationships to be a source of drain rather than inspiration. Take a different perspective on how to create and maintain relationships that uplift, inspire and add meaning to our lives.

A Life Less Ordinary: An Uncommon Guide to Developing Excitement & Excellence

Some of us lead lives of quiet desperation and for others, well, sometimes life is pretty mediocre. This workshop takes you off the usual path to unearth what makes life really interesting and how we can be like Stephen Spielberg who wakes up so excited he can't eat breakfast. An espresso shot insight into l'Arte de Vivre - the Art of Living!


Libby consults to business to create work environments that increase business agility, productivity and competitiveness on a global stage. She designs workplaces that attract, retain and inspire talent, whilst reducing fixed operating costs and delivering long-term prosperity and sustainability. Libby is a sought after adviser to companies looking to create a culture of performance excellence, innovation and thought leadership.


Libby designs bespoke mentoring and coaching programs that provide support and advice to some of the country's most successful leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. With clients in more than a dozen industries, Libby's clients achieve exceptional results in business and life.


The Re-Think Hour is an Invitation Only event held monthly in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast. Contact us for more details. The Re-Think Hour can also be run in-house as an innovation roundtable on a one-off or regular basis to assist in developing thought leadership and creativity in your business.



"Libby is a fabulous consultant. Her ability to manage large-scale change projects is very special. As a speaker she is inspirational. Women of course are led to be the best they can with her work. All audiences respond to her cry for more passion, more engagement and a greater dose of common sense in organisations. She knows how to create and sustain cultures that lead to high performance organisations. Engage Libby."
-- Matt Church, Founder Thought Leaders

"Libby is a very valuable asset to any business serious about building an internal culture of empowerment, creativity and loyalty. In this challenging business environment every business needs to differentiate itself from its competitors. Libby can help do this providing the management of the business are serious about creating long-term cultural change in their business. I cannot speak highly enough of Libby's attitude, integrity and effectiveness in bringing about change. She has the unique ability to very quickly grasp a problem and develop a creative solution to unlock hidden human potential."
-- Stephen Milne, Director Brand and Communications, Riviera Marine

"In 2007 our company was growing fast and with that came a lot of staff and management issues I was unprepared for. We were constantly changing technical staff and the tension within the office was high. After waiting longer than I should have I sought out help. Libby helped me realise what was causing the issues in the business and acted as a guide to assisting with a complete culture change within the company. Not only are the staff happier many of the issues that caused stress for management are gone. I strongly recommend you call Libby - she will make a real difference."
-- Warren Chapman, CEO Net Effects

"Libby is one of the most enthusiastic and inspiring people I know. I love her ability to look at organisations differently and through her innovative ideas create workplaces that are inspiring creative and fun. Libby is also a fantastic presenter, able to engage and inspire audiences and deliver truly useful take away material for delegates and participants"
-- Ron Mclean

"Libby provided our managers & staff invaluable support & guidance. In particular, opening up our company communication, with workshops, and one on one sessions. I personally found Libby to be a great confidence & resource, to assist with many of my functions as a manager."
-- Tasha Banks, Office Manager, Shortcuts Software


"Has our two encounters changed our lives...this took me on a dramatic turn and now I work all of 8 hours a week for almost triple the pay at my corporate and its still escalating. I have a number of initiatives in the pipeline and the creative brain is working overtime with all the things I want to achieve. It’s been amazing and really have you to thank for showing that I do have ability and that there is and was more for me."
-- T.M.


"You were exceptional, absolutely exceptional. You made so many points that are quite pertinent to me right now and made me reflect. First class. Very powerful, very confident. Everyone took something away, you won’t even know that because the degree of success you had, they just took everything you said and thought good god yes, they weren’t looking at you as a speaker at all they were just absorbing the information you were providing to them. Quite exceptional, you have a great speaking career ahead of you."
-- Jevena O’Brien, CEO Institute of Business Leaders

"Thank you for your speech to open minds and explore how we can be more inspiring and not just at work!"
-- Elizabeth Atherton, President, Meeting & Events Association, Qld

"Libby did a great job on a topic I'm very passionate about, so it was very topical and informative."
-- Helen Drennan, Talent Management Lead, Orica

"World Class Speaker. Over a week later our CEOs have not stopped talking about you and have sung your praises in every respect. The content of your talk and your personal impact together was simply captivating."
-- Di Harland, Intercept

"Libby Sander recently gave her keynote speech at our business leaders' breakfast on 24 September 2008. We had around 50 clients/associates in attendance.

Libby's speech was stunningly effective. This was clearly apparent at the end when it was time for people to go back to work and no one moved from their seats. She had given everyone plenty to think about and it led to very animated discussion around the room.

Libby's knowledge of the topic, including many references to facts and quotes, was evident and her delivery was both smooth and challenging. Her passion for the importance of people and their development in a corporate environment came through very clearly.

It was one of the best speeches I have ever heard, and I have heard hundreds, and I think Libby will emerge as a notable speaker in years to come. I have had very positive feedback from many of the breakfast attendees including one comment that Libby's speech was world class."
-- Gerry Lambert, Qld Director Intercept

"Thank you Libby for a wealth of information that is all relevant and will take me a lifetime to digest. Great messages that are relevant for me now (and always)."
-- Greg Pickering, CEO Mounties

"Thank you for helping to make today's breakfast such a resounding success. I use those words because that is the feedback we received from our guests at the venue this morning and also via subsequent e-mails. Your presentation was lapped up by the audience."
-- Richard Margolis, Proprietor, Intercept Victoria

"Awesome! There is no room for improvement! It was perfect! Worth getting out of bed early for. And I don’t say that lightly! I take my bed time very seriously! "
-- Rachel Cartledge, No Limit Group

"I think there is more to be learned by me from a second and third viewing, not to mention my business partners-a thought provoking and inspiring talk.

For Libby, I have nothing but positive feedback for her; she is obviously well learned on the topic and very passionate about empowering people. She was obviously well prepared and listening to her quote statistics and situational evidence about how and why we fail to develop successful work environments was great. Leaders today should focus a lot more on the many aspects of helping people achieve their personal best. She is a great speaker and should continue with her public speaking interests."
-- John Richardson, QPF

"A fantastic presentation, I wanted you to keep going."
-- Cameron Woods, Chief Operating Officer, No Limit Group

"It certainly re-affirmed to me that all the focus I place on the value of the human capital in a business is properly directed. Not only a great reinforcement, but inspiring and moving as well. "
-- Brent Hailey, UDIA

"Inspirational and recalibrating! May the accounting cubicle never be the same again!!"
-- Leschen Smaller, Manager, WMS Accountants

"Libby is an incredibly inspiring speaker and very thought provoking. We have come back in to our cubicles ready to reinvent WMS. "
-- Kristy Macfarlane, Quality Manager, WMS Accountants

"I loved the presentation"
-- Melisa Wyatt, CFO, Logan Meo Walters Advertising

"I found Libby Sander’s presentation to be very interesting and it was clear to see that she ‘knows her onions’. My ears pricked when she touched on Performance Appraisals and other than agreeing with her philosophy on the matter, it has me thinking now as to what changes I could effect in this area."
-- David Ball, State Manager Victoria, Prixcar Services Pty Ltd

"Your model of 15 drivers of excellent workplaces in Australia confirms current knowledge, understanding and practice. Great stories, help to make the key points stick."
-- Debbie Reid, Senior Manager, Personal Insurance, IAG

"The presentation was right up my alley."
-- Sheryl Furman, I&DMS Delivery Manager, Australia Post, Application Integration Services

"Informative and thought inspiring session. Informative, lots to be gained and to take back to the management team."
-- Tracey van Rossum, Proprietor, Vanros Services

"Libby tapped into the topics that we don’t think about enough but should think about more often. Great presentation."
-- Peter Grosvener, Operations Manager, Wenty Leagues Club

"Loved the idea of giving away control. Could listen for so much longer. The information makes such sense."
-- Helena Lorenzou, Human Resources Manager, The Epping Club