The Future of Work BLOG

The Gallup organisation estimates that lost productivity costs more than $360 billion dollars globally annually. Work as we know it, isnít working. Libby Sander is a respected thought leader on corporate agility, performance and workplace design. What does the future of work hold and how can you create a better business? Rapid shifts in global demographics, the importance of design, technology and the co-ordination of work, are driving a revolution in business. How can we understand and interpret these forces and create a workplace where exceptional performance and an ideology of innovation are an everyday reality? To survive organisations to create environments that increase agility, productivity and competitiveness on a global stage. The Future of Work explores how we can create workplaces that attract, retain and inspire talent, whilst reducing fixed operating costs and delivering long-term prosperity and sustainability. Share your ideas and experiences with us or subscribe to get the latest thinking, stats and trends.

l'Arte de Vivre (The Art of Living) BLOG

How do we go from making a living to the art of living? From a life of quiet desperation to one of profound inspiration? At some stage in life, you canít help asking yourself if this is all there is. Is this really my life? Is this what I will be when I grow up? Is there no greater connection, no deeper purpose and sense of truly belonging? Why does life so often feel barren and lonely, and why is there so much fear, doubt and anxiety in my heart?

Join us as we explore, excavate and unearth a better way to work and live in the Art of Living blog. It is all about your turn, seeking something out of the ordinary.  A chance to mentally recharge, step back and consider the really important stuff. You will discover unplanned connections, get answers from unexpected sources, and understand life in a richer way.