Libby believes that work and life don’t have to be ordinary and that most of the problems of modern corporate life can be overcome by changing the way we design and manage organisations. She is an expert at creating workplaces that bring out the best in people and optimise the potential of business.

Libby’s passion for asking why and refusing to accept conventional thinking became entrenched early on when in Grade 3 she was given detention for asking too many questions.

Continuing to take the attitude that the accepted limitations of the world were negotiable, she trained her first horse to Olympic level at 19 and owner-built her own house when she was just 22. Libby has an incredible ability to unearth the real issues in an organisation that limit growth, performance and optimisation of potential.

Libby has nearly 20 years experience working in a wide variety of corporate settings holding both senior human resources and operational roles. Her clients range from non-profit organisations to blue-chip corporates, government agencies to entrepreneurial start-ups. She works closely at Chairman and Board level and provides coaching and advice to CEO’s and business leaders in more than a dozen different industries.

Smart, pragmatic and down to earth, Libby never advocates fads or ungrounded theories. Her expertise has seen clients achieve double digit productivity increases and add seven figure sums to capital. She is able to synthesise trends, theories and ideas into solutions that actually work.

Clients describe Libby as exceptional, compelling and inspiring, with a seldom seen depth of knowledge and ideas.

Libby’s professional studies include a Bachelor of Business and a Masters degree in Human Resource Management, and a Bachelor of Arts in Japanese. She is trained and certified in NLP by John Grinder, co-originator of the field.

Libby is a mentor in Thought Leaders, a Chartered Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute, and a member of the Ideas Institute, TED, the Design Management Institute, the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Institute of Management.

Increasingly sought after for expert media commentary, Libby has been featured in national media including The Australian, on breakfast radio and national programs for Radio 2UE.

Libby is the founder of Future of Work TV, anchor of Future of Work radio, and editor of Sense online magazine.

With an intelligently different approach, she empowers individuals, teams and organisations to shift mindsets, unearth their unique potential and create extra-ordinary outcomes.

"Libby is a very valuable asset to any business serious about building an internal culture of empowerment, creativity and loyalty. In this challenging business environment every business needs to differentiate itself from its competitors. I cannot speak highly enough of Libby's attitude, integrity and effectiveness in bringing about change. She has the unique ability to very quickly grasp a problem and develop a creative solution to unlock hidden human potential." - Stephen Milne, Director Brand and Communications, Riviera Marine