It's very simple - the repetition, boredom and aggravation that too many people accept as an inherent part of working can be replaced with joy, inspiration and freedom. -- Ricardo Semler

What does the future of work hold and how can you create a better business? Libby Sander is a respected thought leader on corporate agility, performance and workplace design.

Rapid shifts in global demographics, the importance of design, technology amd the co-ordination of work, are driving a revolution in business. Libby is an expert in assisting business to understand and interpret these forces and create a workplace where exceptional performance and an ideology of innovation are an everyday reality.

Libby works with organisations to create environments that increase agility, productivity and competitiveness on a global stage. She designs workplaces that attract, retain and inspire talent, whilst reducing fixed operating costs and delivering long-term prosperity and sustainability.

With nearly 20 years experience working in a wide variety of corporate settings, Libby’s clients win national recognition. Her expertise has seen clients achieve double digit productivity increases and add seven figure sums to capital.

Libby’s bespoke approach will show you how to turn trends, theories and ideas into pragmatic solutions that actually work.

“Organisations as they currently exist are obsolete.” - Libby Sander